Software Downloads

Stay up to date with the latest version of OCTOPUZ. Each release contains bug fixes, feature enhancements, new features, user interface enhancements, and much more! To download the latest version of the OCTOPUZ Software, click the downloads button above.

Video Tutorials

Our Video Tutorials provide an in depth look at how to use the features inside of OCTOPUZ to minimize programming time and increase programming efficiency. These tutorials are instructor lead by a member of the Applications Engineering Team. The video tutorials allow a user to visually see each step and allows them to easily go back to any point in the video and review the content.


Our OCTOPUZ Remote Implementation (ORI) service enables you to calibrate your physical robot systems with the OCTOPUZ software yourself. During your ORI, you have a dedicated OCTOPUZ Application Engineer who will guide you through every step of the calibration process, assist you with any challenges that arise, and ensure your calibration is successful. Our ORI service is a great option if any of the below is true: Travel to your site is restricted or limiting, production downtime is limited (minimal access to the robot), your organization has a strong background in robotics (or the system being calibrated), there are multiple systems to be calibrated, or there are future plans to make adjustments or add components to the physical system.